Our Life’s Rainbow Of Emotions, What Color Lens We View From Is Currently Limiting, Tap Into The Understanding

Wednesday is my favorite day of the week.

Being in the military

I remember on Wednesday’s, I was wishing it was Saturday.

Because of this I think of the shift in my life from where I was, in the military, living a life that I was unhappy with but had chosen. At the time I wanted out. Now looking back I have gratitude for Wednesdays…

They are my favorite days because of those memories (next to Monday’s which are my all time favorite)!

Look back at the entirety of your life and imagine the rainbow.

This rainbow of colors is emotions.

That is our story and them mind begins to tell us who we are.

In Sept. 2018, I was on my way to give a talk about gratitude.

I was listening to an episode of my podcast, it was me telling the story of my Dad’s suicide.

It was profound in the moment, in that for the first time I was listening to myself telling the story in the 3rd person. While listening I began to have empathy and compassion for the person (myself) telling the story about my life as I had heard in from “the outside” for the first time.

Having compassion for myself that day was a first time for me.


What colors of the emotional rainbow are you living your life through, in a filter or lease, causing you to miss out on viewing your life through the other colors?

Think about and experience each of the colors that are in your rainbow of life experiences and mind-matter that still exists with emotional connection taking up space in your life (consciously or subconsciously).

When that happened I ended up experiencing the whole spectrum of colors, of the rainbow of emotions, from my whole life all at one time.

I lost the story of being this resilient fighter, and began experiencing all the colors of my past. And truly begin feeling outside of my “brown” color, the same color I felt anytime I speak or think of my Dad and his suicide. The feeling of “brown” was in fact, all I was living in my life up until the point of that day Sept. 2018.

The behaviors we have are happening in the current moment with the lens, or the color of the rainbow of your past viewing it through that color or colors.

When we take away (the rose colored glasses) or the brown colored glasses.

Breaking away from “or.” To get a complete understanding of all color shades, and perspectives. To see the spectrum of your past experiences and emotions. To evaluate what is true, versus, “or,” what is simply false but perceived badly by you because of thoughts that remain viewing only from a color of the rainbow you live with, while missing out on the perspective from colors of the rainbow that you have not yet explored.

Learn what is true.

Accept that your current perspective does not have to be right.

Be open to view things in many different ways, and remember…

Skip to: 14:28 The mind says “Or,” the spirit knows “And.” Be The Yin, Be The Yang. YOU ARE ALL OF IT

No getting stuck in the confines of your “brown” ways of thinking… Those are “or” ways of thought. The spirit knows “and.” Free yourself of the obstructed view to which you can see any situation, decision or thought that occurs, as you experience it. Observe and be aware of how that is shaping your perception.

Clear the space to be self aware of your thoughts here.

17:14 How much better can you empathize with other people if you get out of the idea of what you think you know?

18:28 IF you can break away from the “or” and view the world in different ways…

Thinking and believing what you think you know, can open a new understanding of the world.

For instance, I can accept that “I don’t know.” We’re not here to know.

There is an infinite potential to what could be true.

What’s “true” is subjective.

Experiencing culture around the globe, you can observe the difference between cultures and how they perceive the world differently. Be the “and” not the “or.” The spirit knows “And.”

People are changing.

The way we view the world is changing.

The world is changing.

Look at the “AND” not the “or.”

23:34 The way that I know living will make for better giving to the people that I love

But, all 8 billion people and all the animals of the earth.

How am I going to do that?

That’s tied with the lightest that I’ve ever been as an adult.

What I did was consider the way that I need to live to give.

What do I need to do to be the best example for myself?

Cardio is important.

Meditation is important.

So make a choice.

What I do is for me to be an example of health first as my best way to serval all.

That makes space for me to think about and now, no longer eating meat.

Thinking about what I am doing and consuming, that could be harming the earth, people, humanity and animals. How can I positively impact the people in my life by behaving in ways that are the impact I want to have in this world.



I went to a trainer. I asked him for a plan, and I listened.

They definitely know things that I don’t.

I’ve read so much, thinking that I have to know myself…

In an area you consider, wanting to develop books are great but having someone that knows more than you, and doing what they say, is important to get the results you want to have.

More important is the vision for who you are becoming and the emotional shift that can happen when you shift to viewing from all colors of the rainbow.

What is your right way to live in this reality?

How could your life be different and better if you observe your thoughts and actions, before making decisions, instead choosing to view from all colors and live as the leader that you know that you are?

What goals will you hit?

What things will you obtain and let go of, spiritually, emotionally to reach new levels of enjoyment in your life?

To be free as a leader?

In who you are?

In how you observe and with self awareness for your thoughts.

Freedom of your past filters can bring new views for what transformative ways you can see the person you are becoming.

Undoing what has been a limitation based on passed “brown” colored experiences in your rainbow of life emotion, feelings and experiences.

Finding empathy that we didn’t know of without experiencing the shift of color to rainbow.

Stepping away from things like eating meat. Making decisions to let go of my feelings with what is incongruent with who I am choosing to be the man that I am knowing I am meant to be.

Skip to: 32:00 There is no personal gain for me doing this podcast.

32:00 There is no personal gain for me doing this podcast. <<<< Listening back this is clearly NOT TRUE

Breaking away from social media.

Showing people you can have tough times of the past and still be not any of that in who you are today.

Showing and sharing the infinite capacity in you.

Letting go of the ideas in only seeing things in one color. Letting go of the “or.”

Go in and for the “and.”

Hold the space for this observance in your life.

If you are struggling to share, I know what it was like to feel like I wasn’t allowed to talk about it.

Being afraid is living in the “or” and living in the “fear.” Not living in the “And.”

Being vulnerable is courageous.

Don’t let fear or fear others have be what guides YOU.

Be conscious and present with the decisions we make. That is our responsibility.

In this episode I learned that our obstacles turn out to be our biggest gifts and opportunities, then I learned that the biggest obstacle I hadn’t seen, was myself. It’s time to take a look inward, move through the obstacle that is ourselves, and learn to give the best parts of ourselves.

Remember, the mind says or… The spirit says and… YOU ARE ALL OF IT!

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