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Making The Choice between “yes” and “no” (and where that can lead you)

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Be A Leader (Be your own leader)

The Mind Says Or, The Spirit Knows And.

Be The Yin, Be The Yang.

When you say “yes,” you are saying “no.” And when you say “no,” you are saying “yes.”

To what?

It was just last week I was invited to game night…

I haven’t played games in a while. Normally I would say “no.”

BUT, this time I said “yes.” And, then evaluate: what was I saying yes to?

It was to myself and enjoyment.

I didn’t simply say “no” to game night.

It is a matter of the “ego” versus the mind and spirit.

Old self, versus being self observant. To improve yourself.

Careful what you give up on or say “no” to. It could lead to missing out on what values await.

The same goes for what you say “yes” to.

Had I said “no” to game night. Then I might not have put it on my calendar or structured a great day ahead of it… Not planning the day before game night could leave me in a place with no plan. Even going so far as to not setting my alarm.

Think about the idea that when you say “yes” to something to enjoy. That can act as the reward and allow you to structure the rest of your day according to getting the most done from 4:30am until you complete what you may need to do before a “game night enjoyment” situation is planned in your day.

Consider what it means to say “yes.”

Is the opportunity to “go get wings and drinks” at night with friends going to compromise your morning, how you feel the next day or your cardio routine for example?

Don’t give in to the voice of “fear” or “fear of missing out” that could be encouraging you to compromise who you are transforming into being.

Skip to: 11:07 How does this “yes” and “no” dynamic play into our relationships and partnerships?

When you just say “no” and walk away, your mind will begin to question whether you are making the decision out of interest, indulgence or fear.

Think about what you are saying “yes” or “no” to and holding that space for yourself.

Skip to: 13:31 What if you were to say yes?

When you love someone you want to spend time with them.

However, let’s pretend one of the two people in a relationship enjoys having game night and a group of friends over to entertain.

Or what if someone in the relationship loves Sunday football, and we don’t…

How important is it that we at least spend some time even if it is an automatic “no.”

Even if football on Sunday isn’t exactly what you want to do, but you want to love and support. To spend time with the spouse, companion or partner.

Consider what are you saying “yes” and “no” to.

And, what is the voice inside your head saying.

Skip to: 19:16 Remember to choose love over fear.

Say “yes” to the higher parts of yourself.

START with yourself.

Choose to love yourself.

SAY YES to yourself.

Say No to the fear.

Remember, the mind says or… The spirit says and… YOU ARE ALL OF IT!

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