Suspend the belief that “if you can only get to a certain place in life”
you can experience what it is that you really want.

Your time your most valuable asset, how you are living today is either by choice or lack of self awareness
and in some cases neither or both… Are you happy or are you here looking for more?

The great news is I figured out this dirty little secret to being happy and living the life I want without hesitation of limitations.
It was a profound journey and I invite you to join me as I continue sharing what Crafting Life With Kruze is!

I share to inspire discovery in you and help change your life for the better, no bullshit.

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Hi, I’m Kruze. I was raised by two parents that were less than ideal. My childhood was rough to say the least. At 18 I joined the Army and hated every minute.
The truth was that I hated my life.

It reflected in the way I viewed life and the company I was keeping. I had a “come to reality” moment and found myself attending events, speaking, getting interested in changing how I felt about life and about myself, along the way exploring, pondering and discovering my role in this world that we all live in.

Last year I took a 1 year journey around the globe and met some amazing people with trips to places that most people would call “someday vacations” or “bucket list” trips

WHY WAIT?! Might as well go all-in on experiencing and understanding who you want to be and the life you want to live.
I must say, I had several more come to realization moments since my re-start on this journey called life and it’s all paying off!
If you want the tips and strategies I’m currently using for Crafting Life I’m looking forward to sharing my insights and tips with you.