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New Year, New Decade… An Invitation To The Real You

Our Life’s Rainbow Of Emotions, What Color Lens We View From Is Currently Limiting, Tap Into The Understanding… Which day of the week is your favorite? Mine are Mondays and Wednesdays… Since I already told why I love Mondays, let’s start this one off with why I love Wednesdays as an equally wonderful day.

Yes is No, and No is Yes! It’s and, not or.

I was listening to an episode of my podcast, it was me telling the story of my Dad’s suicide.

It was profound in the moment, in that I was listening to myself telling the story in the 3rd person. While listening I began to have empathy and compassion for the person (myself) telling the story about my life as I had heard in from “the outside.” Having compassion for myself that day was a first time for me.

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